Dnia Wtorek, 24 Września 2013 09:47 Natalia Zientkiewicz

On Saturday night after exhausting journey by plane I met my host family. They welcomed me very warmly with a huge Italian pizza. Next day my 4 host brothers took me to the city center and to the beach. I fell in love with this city immediately. Those small, charming streets, 25 degrees, hot water in the sea and soft sand…

However, it is obligatory to attend school. We started it on Monday. The teachers showed us the building which is very ancient. It was converted from a quaint castle and there are classrooms which still have beautiful frescos from 17th century. What is more we have an amazing view, we can see sea through the windows! Then we were introduced to students. It was a bit difficult because not all of them speak English but maybe it will force us to study Italian.

Dnia Niedziela, 29 Września 2013 09:53 Natalia Markowiak

Week #1 “Fano”

On 15th September, after a long trip by two planes, finally in the late evening I arrived to the house of my host – family. I ate my first supper in Italy (famous Italian pizza made by my hosts) and went to sleep (the travel made me quite tired). In the morning (on Saturday) I ate breakfast (different types of croissants, cereals with milk) and then we all together (me and whole host family including: Sara – “my main host”, her brother and parents) went to visit Fano.
Well, according to their description and my own observations I’d like to present Fano a little bit more now.
Fano is a city surrounded by the sea (from the east) and by hills (from the west), inhabited by a population of about 65,000. Because of its long history (starting during the Roman Empire) there can be found breath – taking monuments dating back to Roman time, Middle Ages, Renaissance time etc. The main cultural and historical attractions are the Arch of Augustus, Roman walls (standing in the center, short way off  the Arch), the Cathedral, the Theatre of Fortune and the Fountain of Fortune (situated in the main square). All those places are the symbols of Fano but apart them one’s of Fano’s the most attractive features is the port (with two moles). What is more, Fano is also famous for two beaches – the sandy Lido and the pebbled Sassonia what makes Fano a popular tourist resort (as a result there are many restaurants here).
In the narrow streets of the city (crowded during the rush hours) the most frequently used means of transport are cars, buses. scooters and bikes (the last one used by the overwhelming part of youth attending their schools).
So far I’ve really enjoyed my free time spent in Fano and I can for sure admit that I fell in love with its beauty!

Week #2

So far I’ve been attending the school in Italy for two weeks.
The most unusual thing for me was the fact that classes last from Monday to Saturday (not Friday like in Poland). What is more, each school day consists of six lessons (50 minutes, not 45) and only one break at 10.40 for just 10 minutes. I suppose still I have a long road to go to finally get used to it.
Because of the fact that Instiututo “Adriano Olivetti” includes two different sections: the economic and the graphic design one, the school is rich in laboratories (The Language Laboratory, two laboratories used for graphic design classes with a line of computeres marketed as Macs and also another two laboratories with personal computers where information Technology takes place).
Finally on Monday I got my terminal schedule. It includes such lessons like Information Technology, Graphic Design, Communication Psychology, English, French, Italian and Photography. All those subjects are really interesting and in some way new for me. I can’t wait for next week and another portion of them. But for now I’m using Sunday (the only one unreservedly free day) to relax and meet with my Italian friends!

Week #3

This week has been filled with many activities (mainly connected with school). I have started preparing my project for Graphic Design classes (the task is to create a poster which would commemorate the 200th anniversary of The Carabinieri that is the national military police of Italy). At the beginning I was asked to make a design which would express my vision of the poster. Now, when this draft is checked by the teacher I can start the process of construction using Adobe Illustrator (a graphics editor with quite advanced tools which are useful and significant forcombining words, symbols, and images to create a visual representation of ideas). So far I haven’t decided which method (there are many ways of preparing such a project) I will choose.
Also my English lessons include various activities. On Monday I started the exchange of mails with two students from the States. I had also some listening practice (watching a film and listening to the music with lyrics written on the screen) and I was reading and analyzing “The Nightingale and the Rose” by Oscar Wilde.
On Saturday, in the evening, I went to dance with my host family
By and large, that was a really brilliant week!


Week #4

This week has been filled with many activities (again). First of all my project for Graphic Design is in a
process of creating (It seems like I really enjoy working on it). Secondly, I had an opportunity to take part
in a birthday party (cousin of my host family is now 11). Actually such a thing looks similar to the way
we celebrate such an event. There are: an enormous cake, a lot of presents and singing. Still that was an
interesting experience to observe a typically familiar event.
Next week (on Thursday) I’m going to Rome to participate in a course prepared for the pupils taking part in
the Comenius Individual Pupil Mobility Project. Also, it has been occurred that the school will organize a trip
to Venezia (only one day but still better this, than nothing). I can’t wait!

Week #5

I spent two days (Thursday and Friday) in Rome where  a training meeting for foreign students taking part in Comenius Individual Pupil Mobility Project in Italy was organized. The first day included an official welcoming, the presentation by Italian students who participated in that project last year (they were talking about their first impressions, experiences and potential difficulties) and the common super for all participants. The second day was a little bit more interesting. At the beginning we were divided into groups. Then the meeting started. Firstly, we were introducing ourselves (name, country where are we from and the place where we are living in Italy). Secondly, the discussion about our expectations and impressions connected to a long stay in Italy begun. My group was mainly composed  of people from the countries located around the Baltic Sea (Sweden. Latvia, Estonia) so it occurred that our conclusions were quite similar. The last part of the meeting was dedicated to the process of problem solving (we were considering some sham situations and the way of behaving if something like that would happen).
For me such a meeting was a really interesting experience. I could confront my way of perceiving the life in Italy with different points of view. I had also an opportunity to practice English (by listening or talking with people from Norway and Sweden – their level of English was incredibly high).
On Saturday (in the morning) I went back to school. In the evening together with my family we went to eat dinner with their grandparents.


Fano is still incredible. People are very friendly and open, they are saying Ciao to me even if they don t know me. Weather is beautiful, it s sunny and warm and downtown is full of life and energy but in the same time is calm and relaxing. The worst thing is that we have to attend school from Monday to Saturday! However we end lessons at 13.20 every day which is very positive and we have more free time. We are learning with Italian students subjects as English, French, Graphic Design, Art History and Photography (which is my favorite one) but also we have something like individual study in library and it s the time when we are studying about everything what students had done in Poland. I enjoy every day in Italy and I m getting used to their daily routine.


This week was full of activities. At school we study hard and after lunch when I generally eat homemade pasta, we usually go meet with the friends or practice some sport. However this Saturday was different.  We had an opportunity to participate in the concert at the Teatro della Fortuna in Fano. We saw a performance of Italian band and they were playing covers of the old, rock bands like The Troggs and what is more it was connected with recitations of Italian poems. I really enjoyed that afternoon and also I could admire the beautiful architecture of the theatre. I hope that next week will be even better!

03.11.2013 (Natalia Zientkiewicz)
Halloween time! Italians are more similar to us than Americans if it comes to this commercial holiday. Some children wear scary costumes and play trick or treat and in the evenings teenagers do parties. But in the school they don t celebrate it at all. What is more this week we had 2 days free from school (Friday and Saturday) because Italians have All Saints and All Souls Days. However they don t celebrate that holidays as we, Polish people. They don t visit graves and don t kindle any votive candles, some families gather and spend dinner together.

10.11.2013 (Natalia Markowiak)

On Tuesday I took the extra Italian class. Next week I will start attending modern dance classes (once a week, on Mondays).
I hope it will be a really funny and interesting experience. On Wednesday I had a presentation about Poland and our culture. It looked that the students really enjoyed it and as it occurred they know quite a lot about Poland (or at least a part of them). Next week I’m going to present our educational system. I suppose it won’ be so interesting for them but still that’s a
chance to show them something different because education in Poland varies from the one in Italy.

17.11.2013 r. (Natalia Markowiak)

Finally I’ve finished my project for Graphic Design classes and now I’m going to start another one which is connected with recycling and its promoting. I think that that’s quite an interesting thing and I hope I will manage to create something included in the main theme.
On Wednesday I had my presentation about education in Poland and this time it really seemed that the students were interested.
On Monday there will be a meeting of all students from Polo 3 and probably we will have to present one or two of our presentations. I’m a little bit stressed but well, I cross my fingers and hope that it all will be great.

24.11.2013 r. (Natalia Markowiak)

On Monday and Wednesday all students attended the special meeting including watching a film and then the discussion. The main theme was education all around the world (especially in the countries where the access to education is not easy). Some foreigners living in Italy were talking about their experiences and impressions connected with that. Also we were asked to give a short speech about our school. It was a little bit stressing because we tried to do that in Italian but finally all went very well.
On Thursday we went to another school that is a part of Polo 3 – Liceo Artistico Apolloni. They showed us the school and told a lot about their projects and main aims. It was really interesting because in Poland there aren’t such schools. Everything there was so lively and real. Each corridor was decorated with the works of students – sculptures, paintings, graphic projects. The classes were really small, well adapted (class for graphic with computers, room for sculpture classes was full of with long, special tables etc.). We really enjoyed the visit.


02.12.2013 r. (Natalia Markowiak)

On Friday we went to the middle school and gave a short speech about the project and our way of perceiving the Olivetti Institute in order to encourage the students to attend this secondary school in the future.

On Sunday, together with our Italian friends we went for a trip to Venice. We needed to wake up very early because the train was leaving at 5.11 am but as it occurred, it was really worth it. Venice is a really beautiful city, that’s why we were pleased to go for a long walk there. Fortunately, it was sunny and not cold, so thanks to this we could manage to stay there till the evening. There are only two weeks left till our return and I hope I will spend them in an interesting way.